Increase Customer Confidence and Protect Your Business

Blockchain organizations are constantly under attack from hackers and scammers. Trustroot helps your customers verify the identity of your business so they can be confident they are sending money to the right place.

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  • Polymath Inc.
  • UTRUST Switzerland AG
  • Deedcoin Inc.
  • Marginless
  • Tip Blockchain Network Inc.

Over 10 percent of the $3.7 billion raised has been stolen through scams and hacks

Ernst & Young

Don’t allow your company and customers to be vulnerable to scams. Protect your reputation by verifying your transaction with Trustroot and placing the trusted badge next to your wallets.

  • BeeToken
    $1 million stolen
    through email hack

  • Telegram
    $2 million stolen
    through phishing websites

  • Seele
    $2 million stolen
    through social media accounts

Wallet Verification Ensures Your Customers Send Money to the Right Place

  • Eliminate Scams and Hacks
  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Increase Customer Trust

A Safer Environment For Your Business and Customers

Trustroot provides a trusted environment for you and your customers. It works by having a trusted third party certify your business credentials and record a copy to the blockchain. In the event of a scam or hack, your customers can easily verify the authenticity of your wallet and prevent sending funds to bad actors.

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