Decentralized Business Identity & Reputation

Trustroot allows businesses and their customers, partners, & suppliers to build a transparent and trustworthy relationship on the blockchain. The Trustroot business profiles serve as the building blocks of trust and credibility that help economy participants confidently transact with each other.

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We are Reinventing Trust and Reputation in Business

Trustroot business profiles provide access to the information you need when working with a business

  • Identity: Business validity and wallet address verification
  • Reputation: Trusted ratings and customer reviews
  • Credit: A comprehensive credit profile of a business
  • Credentials: Audited business credentials & certificates (HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO, Etc)


Trustroot certification verifies a business’s validity & ensures customers send money to the right organization. Reduces scams and hacks, Protects company reputation, and Increases customer trust.


Provides a trusted and immutable resource for businesses and their consumers to discuss and resolve complaints.


An open source business credit profile formulated by submitted transaction from vendors, partners, and third party data providers. Filed disputes and delinquencies are reviewed by Trusted Reviewers before impacting the credit profile.


Certified credentials allow Trusted Reviewers to attest to credentials such as HIPAA, ISO, & SOC-2; Eliminating the redundant audits that businesses perform before working with vendors and partners.

A Fully Decentralized Protocol

The community manages trust and reputation through the Trustroot token


A business submits proof of identity, credit information, certifications, and other documentation to a Trusted Reviewer.


A customer checks a company’s identity & reputation before working with a business.

Trusted Reviewers

A decentralized set of Trusted Reviewers stake tokens to verify the documentation. If the documentation is valid they write an attestation to the blockchain.


A customer posts a positive rating / complaint for a business based on their experience.

Trusted by Leading Blockchain Businesses

  • Deedcoin Inc.
  • Marginless
  • UTRUST Switzerland AG
  • Polymath Inc.
  • Tip Blockchain Network Inc.

The Status Quo Lacks Transparency & Efficiency


"The Best Ratings Money Can Buy: A man created two dummy companies which received A+ ratings as soon as the membership fee was paid and that businesses were told that the only way to improve their rating was by paying." - ABC

Dun & Bradstreet

"The scam is this—they put together half a credit report for your business and then hold you hostage to fix their inaccurate and bogus information for a ransom fee." - Forbes


"The scam is this—they put together half a credit report for your business and then hold you hostage to fix their inaccurate and bogus information for a ransom fee." - Forbes

Meet the Team

  • Shayan Zadeh
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Experienced entrepreneur. Formerly founder of Zoosk and AI company Leap Rail. Raised over $60m in venture capital and has won awards from WSJ and Inc5000.

  • Alex Senemar
    Co-Founder & COO

    Veteran entrepreneur & advisor with a track record of building innovative products. Previously CEO of Sherbit, which won "Most Innovative Company" by Harvard.

  • Tim Wong
    VP Engineering

    Engineering executive with 15+ years of industry experience. He has lead teams at IBM, VMware, & Workspan; delivering cutting edge software at scale.

  • Sonny Chen

    An artist and product designer who has worked on some of the world leading products at Spotify. He received his B.S. from UC Berkeley.


  • Moe Levin
    CEO, Keynote

    Dr. Moe Levin is the CEO of Keynote and founder of WBF: World Blockchain Forum.

  • Trevor Koverko
    CEO, Polymath

    Trevor is CEO of Polymath, bringing securities to the blockchain and an original advisor/investor in Ethereum.

  • Bill Harmer

    Bill is a security veteran that has led security for startups, governments, & financial institutions. He is currently the U.S. CISO at ZScaler and previously was the Global Privacy Officer for SAP’s cloud.

  • Susan Akbarpour
    CEO, mCart

    Susan is an experienced entrepreneur/investor and CEO of mCart, bringing influencer marketing to the blockchain.

  • Boaz Barak
    Professor, Harvard

    Boaz Barak is a professor of Computer Science at Harvard focused on cryptography.

  • Dax Hansen
    Partner, Perkins Coie

    Dax Hansen is a Partner at Perkins Coie LLP and Chair of the firm’s Blockchain practice.


  • Business Identity

    Adoption within the blockchain ecosystem; Addressing current need for business identification

  • Reputation

    Introduce Reputation platform leveraging token incentives to allow consumer to leave company reviews

  • Traditional Businesses

    Leverage consumer reviews to extend to non-blockchain companies by offering token incentives

  • Credit Profile

    Combine offline credit data with submitted credit information to establish a credit profile

Trustroot Token

Economic Overview

  • Token Release: Sept. 2018
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Hard Cap: $20m USD
  • 1 TRT = $0.1 USD
  • Max Supply at Launch: 300 Million

Token Distribution

  • 15% Team
  • 20% Partners
  • 30% Token Sale
  • 35% Reserves